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Since 2012, Metro Renovations has serviced over 1.000 projects in five cities in the state of Ohio, mainly in the greater Columbus area.

Rehabs and interior/exterior remodeling are the main source of projects taken on by Metro Renovations.

Metro Renovations is a company that primarily works with investors, realtors, and property management firms from around the country investing in Columbus.

Our company counts on a team directed by professionals in construction that live in Columbus and understand the drastic climate changes that affect the state of Ohio. From the cold winters that bring us snow, to tornado season and the extreme heat of summer, Metro Renovations understands the way businesses and homes are affected, and are ready to take on any task at anytime.



To deliver high-quality, cost-effective projects on schedule by employing and supporting motivated, flexible, and focused teams. We value the importance of our relationships and will continue to remain fair and true in our dealings with all employees, clients, vendors, and partners. Our clients count on our dependability, our drive, and our integrity. We take great pride in our accomplishments and build on them every day.



We are a family owned company, committed to becoming the contractor of choice, pursuing excellence through dedication, experience and disciplined employees with an ongoing passion to deliver quality, timely and profitable projects.




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